Somatic Release

Our bodies have stories to tell. We often miss the connections between our physical health and the residual traumas living in the body. In this hands-on client-driven session, we will be working solely on the connection with being present and more fully in tune with the body.

Somatic Release Session

Somatic Release Session

Our bodies have their own “stories” after they have encountered stressful life events or repetitive stress. Having an intellectual understanding of what you have been through is only one piece of healing.  Somatic (body) exploration is imperative to truly release our bodies from events we could not process when they happened. The body has its own story to tell, its own healing timeline, and process.

In this hands-on client-driven session, we will be working solely on the connection with being present and more fully into the body.  Our goal is to have you develop deeper experience with the body and all the feelings, emotions, and sensations that come with it while emphasizing staying present throughout. We may begin with a physical area that causes pain, or is chronically dysfunctional to allow the body's language to reveal its wisdom.

Sessions are fully clothed and generally on a massage table for comfort. There is touch as I will be holding the area we are focusing on to support the focus and intention directly. Using the body's language, one of sensory  descriptions, the story of the tissues are told. We allow the body, in her wisdom and intelligence and most of all timing, to create deep healing potential.

Benefits include:

Relief from chronic physical conditions.

Increased ability to stay present and in the body even in triggered moments.

Develop a more personal relationship with your body and its language.  

Unwind the physical residuals of traumas in the body for greater access to the present moment.

Integrate your past experiences so you can approach life with the fullness and richness of your whole being.

~ The commitment is at least 10 sessions in person ~

~ sacred guide and shamanic practitioner ~

Larisa Gerace of
Ancient Star Healing

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    In-person in Akumal

    All modalities may be performed in-person. House Blessings and Somatic Release Therapy sessions must be done in-person.
  • online energy healing skype

    Via Skype or Zoom

    For clients not in the Yucatán Peninsula, phone sessions are available via Skype or Zoom. All services are available virtually except for House Blessings and Somatic Release Therapy sessions.

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