House Blessing & Energetic Cleansing

Tending the Spaces where you live

House Blessing & Energetic Cleansing

House Blessing & Energetic Cleansing

Just as homes need to be physically cleaned, they also need to be energetically cleaned.

A house cleansing is necessary periodically or when major events have taken place within your home or rental. In the Riviera Maya we have many transient populations visiting and staying in part time rentals. When you arrive, you may feel the place isn’t right, something feels heavy or dirty but you look around and the space is “clean”.  

House guests, renters, stressful events in the home all leave energetic debris. This build up of energies can affect the well being of those who inhabit the space. A house cleansing removes negative energy allowing a clean slate of the space to create as you wish the harmony you desire.  You and the people you rent to will feel good arriving in your space.

First time visit includes a personalized cleansing of your entire property. Larisa will work with her guides to create a cleansing tailored to YOUR specific property’s needs. Also included is a blessing and protection. Subsequent visits would be to maintain and clean out accumulated energies.

Frequency depends on use of rental &/or vacancy. We will discuss maintenance during the initial blessing.

Home & Land Blessings

We will meet to discuss your intentions of your blessings, what are your dreams for this land and home and what is needed to have harmony and balance. Working with the Spirits of the Land and the structure of your home you will receive a personalized Blessing, public or private, with instructions of how to continue to cultivate the relationship with your Home and Land Spirits.

~ Sessions available in-person in Quintana Roo, Mexico ~

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~ sacred guide and shamanic practitioner ~

Larisa Gerace of
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    In-person in Akumal

    All modalities may be performed in-person. House Blessings and Somatic Release Therapy sessions must be done in-person.
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    Via Skype or Zoom

    For clients not in the Yucatán Peninsula, phone sessions are available via Skype or Zoom. All services are available virtually except for House Blessings and Somatic Release Therapy sessions.

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