~ intuitive guide, storyteller, teacher and seer of souls ~

About Larisa Gerace

about larisa gerace

Here to guide you along a path that’s right for you.

larisa gerace

With over 20 years of experience, Larisa guides individuals into their power and full potential through shamanic healing practices. She offers skilled support and guidance in all aspects of being, helping each person embody their highest physical, emotional and spiritual self.

I am a person who finds harmony in all ways.
I move through the world with grace, with a profound intention of Service, Love and Unity!

I came into this life as a psychic empath. Like many of us, I was  challenged with various traumas and wounding that prevented my authentic expression and power. I have spent a lifetime in devotion to healing and the study of healing. I believe deeply in the soul's path to full expression and want to to bring forth in myself and others truth, freedom and the ability to live an authentic, radiant life.

Through many years of dedicated practice, she has learned to embody freedom from the stories that previously attached herself to various emotional pains, and is now here to teach and guide those seeking the same.

" I see the heart, my own and yours... "

Larisa has studied, and continues to study under a diverse and skilled array of teachers and healers. These years of practice have activated her unique magic and psychic abilities.

" Deep Gratitude to the Teachers and Teachings that continue to guide and inform me. "

Spiritual / Shamanic: 

The Cycle of Transformation 4 Year Program ~ Led by Christina Pratt and the Last Mask Center : Training in shamanic skills and rigorous psychospiritual and psychoemotional development. 

Artist, Shaman, Healer, Sage with Katherine Skaggs ~ Visionary Artist and Shamanic Practitioner: Potent overview of Shamanic Teachings and Sacred Tool Making.

Praying with Tobacco ~ Training to work with the Spirit of Tobacco one of our most powerful plant allies as a guide and powerful medicine for healing negative energies and profound protection.

Somatic Trainings:

Colorado School of Healing Arts ~ 1000 Hr Certified Massage Therapist Focus on Oncology, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Nutrition and Energy Modalities.

La Stone Certified ~ Sacred use of Stones in Healing and Massage Therapy.

Trainings of the Psyche and Energy Bodies: 

Apprenticeship with Douglas Brady PSY MSW ~ The Psychology of Symptoms: Learning the language the body speaks to unlock the message and free the body of the symptom expressed.

Energy Body Mastery ~ Christina Pratt: Learning the art of tending the energy body and integrating the energies of our lost autonomy. 

Sacred Sexual Training:

Innana's Crown ~ Jennifer Posada:  Embodying the Teachings of Innana (Ishtar) - Connecting the essence of self with the universal life force. Supported underworld journey through the 7 Gates.

Black Doves ~ Jennifer Posada: The Practices of the Priestesses of Dodona

Blue Fire ~ Jennifer Posada: The Sexual Alchemy of the Dakini's

Maenad's Dance ~ Jennifer Posada: The Healing Power of Ecstasy

Awakening Your Shakti ~ Lisa Schrader: A Study of the Divine Feminine