~ listen, breathe, receive ~

Ancient Star Healing Lineage

~ all paths I walk lead me here ~

" Ancient Star Healing is rooted in the eight-pointed Star of Inanna.

The star itself represents the independent and forthright woman who is strong and secure in her feminine sexuality. She expresses beauty, honoring the light and the shadow, and symbolizes rebirth in a constant and authentic cycle of growth. "

Ancient Star Healing is the alchemical result of my many personal aspects coming together to be your guide towards your deepest self. My life has revolved around healing, learning and uncovering various gifts and talents. By traveling to the depths of my own underworld, I was given the gift of being able to guide others to theirs and heal what might lay deep under their surface.

I am honored to now be at a grounded place in my journey where I can offer the wisdom I’ve gained to others. To live an authentic life takes courage and requires guidance. On our own, we might never feel ready to take the first steps. I am here as your humble guide to help illuminate the path back to yourself.

Like the birth of a galaxy itself, the uncovering of Ancient Star Healing has been about finding a cosmology big enough to allow the stories of infinite constellations.