Shamanic Healing

Lifetimes of Wicca and Shamanic skill sets are ready to help you along your journey. Explore intention, animism, ritual, dance, song and more to navigate the realms of your life.

The Shamanic Approach

The Shamanic Approach

Shamanism allows Larisa to be a steward of healing for those she works with.
Lifetimes of Wicca and Shamanic skill sets are ready to help you along your journey.

Together we explore your intention through animism, ritual, dance,
song, sound, tools and skill to navigate the unseen realms of your life.

We will allow ourselves to be taught by the abundant natural world, connect with your Healed Ancestors and Helping Spirits and Guides, clear the negative influences and connect to the fields where all potential resides. Want to experience the magic of life? These sessions are for you.

Animism is the perception that all things, animals, plants, rocks, rivers,
weather systems, human handiwork and perhaps even words are
animated and alive and have a spiritual essence. 

Animism sessions are the ultimate “move out of the way and let spirit in” healing, incorporating all the beautiful ways spirit is available to us through our rich natural world.  Allowing the messages and support of our Helping Spirits to interact with our very real life situations and challenges, you will gain clarity of your situation and precise actions steps going forward.

We will tend to your inner direction by communing with spirit.
Larisa will to help your soul expand by helping to clear past lives,
release old patterns, and discover your own connection with your ancestors.

Connecting you to your life does not have to be limited or distorted by the pain of past experiences. Discover and define your unique spiritual powers during this session that will provide you with lasting spiritual benefits.

~ sacred guide and shamanic practitioner ~

Larisa Gerace of
Ancient Star Healing

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    In-person in Akumal

    All modalities may be performed in-person. House Blessings and Somatic Release Therapy sessions must be done in-person.
  • online energy healing skype

    Via Skype or Zoom

    For clients not in the Yucatán Peninsula, phone sessions are available via Skype or Zoom. All services are available virtually except for House Blessings and Somatic Release Therapy sessions.

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