Inanna's Temple For Men

Lay down your heavy shields and armor. Rebalance your heart and find embodiment of your true expression. The temple is for the man who knows deep inside he has been indoctrinated to betray his heart, and is ready to reclaim it as his own.

Inanna’s Temple For Men

Inanna’s Temple For Men

Lay down your Heavy Shields and Armor- they are powerless here

The Ego, constructed under the fallacy of patriarchy, is where you and I meet in the common goal of dismantling and healing your heart. The current male ego has survived and been molded by generations of great harm and disconnection. A life void of true connection with one's own humanity and love are the casualty of this war.

Inanna's sacred temples in their essence have been lost to modern men. Their purpose was to take in the shattered men after battle and restore their spirits, hearts and bodies. A place to heal and deeply process so they may cleanly move forward in integrity with life.  Over time the temples and priestesses that served Inanna were relegated to prostitution, and for a time, the mysteries of these temples were lost. Larisa has connected with these mystery teachings through her lineage and lifetimes as a Priestess with Inanna. The process is powerful and thorough.

Inside the temple is where the rebalancing and embodiment of your Heart begins. We begin where you are, your heart break, ill health, failures, traumas or disconnections from life. You and I decide what area we will focus on and commit to seeing the intention to completion, ie a measurable outcome. We will work in non ordinary reality and the present moment, as I bring you to the Temples in real time. Sessions move slow, aligned with the bodies wisdom and heart's guidance. All sessions we are creating rapport, trust and safety to allow the deepest most poignant outcomes.

The temple is for the man who knows deep inside he has been indoctrinated to betray his own heart.

He is tired of the constant performance driven life.  

Are you successful but your health suffers? Does your heart feel strained, over worked without true self love or compassion? Can you feel your heart? Do you fantasize of your youth and distract yourself with toys, women, success pursuits? Are you failing in the relationships that count?

. Does it feel like you have everything life told you to have, won the "war" and drive on and on?

And yet...

You long

For your body,

For true love,

For the balance of life.

For a connection to the Earth

This is powerful work that requires your full bravery and your ability to be guided past the hooks of your conditioning and personal wounding

A typical session might begin with an exploration of the heart, current events and ego check. You will be asked to be vulnerable, to feel, to connect to your essence as a child, your true man and your authentic being. Lifetimes of conditioning will be released. Healing can be spontaneous and love is able to flow in a way that has never been known in these times.

The goal is to leave with a full resourced heart and tools to have a deeper relation within and with those you love. You will be reconnecting to your body and balancing the mind and ego.

To enter the Temple, you must be willing to offer all that you are to Inanna so that She may lead you to your heart.  

~ The commitment is at least 10 sessions ~

~ sacred guide and shamanic practitioner ~

Larisa Gerace of
Ancient Star Healing

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    In-person in Akumal

    All modalities may be performed in-person. House Blessings and Somatic Release Therapy sessions must be done in-person.
  • online energy healing skype

    Via Skype or Zoom

    For clients not in the Yucatán Peninsula, phone sessions are available via Skype or Zoom. All services are available virtually except for House Blessings and Somatic Release Therapy sessions.

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